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by Venerable Master Hsing Yun (1927 - , Fo Guang Shan)
English translation: FGS International Translation Center and Zhi Yue

Life with suffering and happiness is abundant.
Life with success and failure is reasonable.
Life with gain and loss is fair.
Life with birth and death is natural.*

Worldly living measures
happiness by how much one owns;
Possession is like a piece of baggage;
it can be burdensome.
Transcendental living builds happiness
on the freeness of not possessing.
Not possessing is boundless and limitless.**

You must have roots in your heart
to be able to blossom and bear fruit.
You must have hope in your heart
to be able to achieve professional success.
You must have the truth in your heart
to be able to travel all over the world.
You must have principles in your heart
to be able to stand true everywhere.
You must have virtue in your heart
to be able to tolerate all things.
You must have the Way in your heart
to be able to embrace everything.*

Pursue a genuine life;
treat others with sincerity.
Pursue a virtuous life;
embrace others with kindness.
Pursue a beautiful life;
adorn the world with beauty.
Pursue a harmonious life;
discover prosperity in peace.
Pursue an insightful life;
enhance civilization with knowledge.
Pursue a joyful life;
enrich daily life with happiness.

── from Fo Guang Cai Gen Tan