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by Zhao Puchu (1907 - 2000)
English translation: Miao Guang

After many years,
Another parting is only reluctant.
As we seek the ancient monastery
from this pavilion in the misty rain,
We make majestic vows
to experience many more kalpas,
To witness the clouds of Dharma
permeate all three thousand realms.

As we meet again at Jinglin,
Rains of flowers fill
the Qinhuai River embankment.
Going ashore needs no distinguishment
between the self and other,
We may as well become
enlightened in the here and now,
And become companions
ardently expecting to meet again.

── from Fo Guang Shan Mingja Bairen Beiqiang (Fo Guang Shan Benefactor’s Wall)

NOTE: This is a poem written by the Elder of the Buddhist Association of China Zhao Puchu, as a gift to Venerable Master Hsing Yun on March 20th, 1994.