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by Venerable Master Hsing Yun (1927 - , Fo Guang Shan)
English translation: Venerable Miao Guang

Up at Fo Guang Shan, a jubilant atmosphere fills the air;
Since inauguration, it has reached out to people of all places.
Good causes and good conditions have led to many good outcomes,
The youths are glorifying Buddhism by becoming a part of this faith.

The aspiration to become renounced is most auspicious,
Though one bids family and loved ones goodbye and leaves home,
The eight groups of heavenly beings praise in a unanimous voice,
For the wisdom which one pursues holds a life that shall last for eternity.

Head shaven and donning the monastic robe, one appears truly majestic,
Always be mindful of the practice of patience and discipline.
Constantly remember the duty of Dharma propagation at all times,
Prevent one’s initial aspirations from dominance by hesitation and doubt.

One must remain consistent in the conducts and ways of a monastic,
Never throw a fit of moodiness or fall into a state of disheartenment.
Be diligent in doing the chores all for the service of the Order,
Wondrous fragrance will arise from a respectful and humble mind.

Fortify the mind with the tastes of bland tea and coarse food,
Does it matter if there are only ragged clothes for an outfit?
One needs not pursue a life of physical enjoyment,
Truth can only be perceived upon transcendence of materialism.

Bear in mind the law of cause and effect, also good and bad,
Let grudges and gossip be forgotten readily.
Study in depth the teachings and be aware of faults and merits,
Loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity will help you thrive.

Never fall lethargic during morning and evening chanting practices,
Chant the sutras, prostrate to Buddha, and revere the King of Dharma.
If one lacks wealth or affinities, just let it be,
All one can depend on is the Dharma to be ferried across to the other shore.

Avoid wondering to places within the first ten years,
Settle your body and mind in deliberate contemplations.
It matters not if the world or other monasteries are better,
Boundless joy can be realized in one’s abode, here and now.

── from Zenyang Zuo Ge Fo Guang Ren (How to be a Fo Guang Buddhist)