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by Venerable Master Hsing Yun (1927 - , Fo Guang Shan)
English translation: Zhi Yue and Siew Hsiang Chow

From the Buddhist perspective,
there is no such thing as a completely impoverished person:

For those who have spare time and use it to help others,
aren’t they wealthy in terms of time?

For those who are eloquent and use words to praise and encourage others,
aren’t they wealthy in terms of language?

For those who smile at others and treat people with joy and respect,
aren’t they rich with inner wealth?

For those who assist and service others with their strength,
aren’t they wealthy in terms of vigor?

Poverty is greed and discontent;
those who are always willing to help others will always be wealthy at heart.

English translation: Miao Hsi and Cherry Lai

Buddhism is not opposed to the possession of wealth, because worldly riches are crucial for living. However, it is more important to discover and develop the treasure within our minds. Real wealth lies in knowing and believing in ourselves, and in recognizing the inherent Buddha Nature of all sentient beings. Can you discover the Buddha Nature that is in every person? If you can, then you are the wealthiest person in the world, here and now!

── from Mi Wu Zhijian (Between Ignorance and Enlightenment)