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by Huang Wu-chung (1950 - 2005)
English translation: Miao Guang

Those who struggle with others will unknowingly lose many friends; those who do not, will often win many. Making a good friend is worth more than cultivating a good field paddy.

This was an advice from my father during my high school days. As the ancient saying goes, “When on the verge of destruction, a nation is thereby destined for chaos.” In other words, the origin of chaos lies in struggle. Throughout history, there have been factional and political struggles, all of which are caused by fighting to become the victor, as well as for fame and profit. In our daily lives, people also frequently quarrel out of jealousy, creating conflicts that eventually lead to misfortunes, all of which are caused by struggles.

The act of struggling with others often destroys harmony, but a struggle against oneself can be turned into a motivation to bring out our potential for success. What my father meant by “those who do not struggle,” is to practice the art of selfcultivation of not struggling with others.

── from Renjian Youwei Shi Qinghuan (That Flavorful Taste of Simplicity)