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Translated into Chinese by Kumarajiva (344 - 413, Eastern Jin Dynasty)
English translation: Fo Guang Shan International Translation Center


Those who are capable of patience can be called strong and superior. If a person cannot happily endure being reviled by others as if drinking sweet dew, then they cannot be counted among the wise.


If we can concentrate without wavering, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.


Being clothed with a sense of shame is the foremost adornment.


Anger is like a fire raging in the mind. Prevent it and do not let it enter your mind. The worst thief of merit and virtue is anger.


With diligence, nothing is difficult. It is like a little stream that by its continuous flow can wear through a stone.


If people uphold the precepts with purity, they will possess the good Dharma. Without upholding precepts with purity, no merits will accrue. That is why the precepts are the first seat of peace and merit.


Treat all food and drink like medicine. They can be beneficial and harmful; take in moderation to sustain the body and eliminate hunger and thirst.


When eating, one should be as a bee collecting pollen from a flower, seeking only its essence, never looking to its fragrance or quantity. Do not spoil the good intentions behind the offering.


Be like the wise, who has estimated the load that suits the ability of his ox, and does not exceed that amount or exhaust its strength.

── from Fo Yi Jiao Jing (Sutra of the Teachings Bequeathed by the Buddha)