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by Chi Chun (1917 - 2006)
English translation: Miao Guang and Zhi Yue

The course of life is so sorrowful, yet so magnificent! If oysters did not put in great efforts to eliminate impediments, they would not be able produce lustrous pearls; if our eyes do not have the need to remove dusts, they would not produce so many tears. I believe that everyone has a pearl within their hearts: it is the perseverance and the wisdom to overcome difficulties. This pearl grows with a person’s age, knowledge, and cultivation, gradually becoming more translucent, smooth, and round.

── from Xiyu Denghua Luo (Shower of the Sweet Osmanthus Flower)


Let traces of dreams once mentioned during those days stay; Let every flower, every tree be a fond memory for the heart. These were his words. He said that although life is short, the days lived are nonetheless magnificent. Every flower and tree encountered in life, as well as every moment of happiness and sorrow experienced, should be a fond memory in one’s heart, delicately savored. Even suffering and defilements, after being carefully processed, can transform into faith and Bodhi wisdom. In this way, you will find more wisdom and courage to face reality.

── from Qin Xin (Heart of the Zither)