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by Ba Jin (1904 - 2005)
English translation: Zhi Yue

To live is to struggle; forward is the only direction in life.

Money did not give me anything more; what gave me a better life were still my ideals.

A glorious ideal is like pure and clear water, which cleanses my mind of its dusts.

Like delivering charcoal on a cold day, be a person who comforts those who are suffering.

I am a silkworm in spring. As I have eaten mulberry leaves, I should spin silk. Even if boiled in pot, my silk will continue on after my death, adding however much warmth to the world.

What dominates the action of a warrior is faith. He is able to endure all sorts of hardship and pain, to reach his chosen goal. The warrior is forever in pursuit of light, but he does not lie under the clear sky basking in the sun. Rather, he ignites a torch in the dark, lighting the way for others, so that they can move towards daybreak.

from Ba Jin Quanji (Complete Collection of Ba Jin) and others