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by Eryue He (1945 - )
English translation: Miao Guang


Silly One! The world is in fact once a huge stage; there is no need to shed tears. Silly one! The stage is actually a small world; one may as well pretend to be crazy.


Life is like a deep pot; though having reached the bottom, if you are willing to strive hard, any direction you then face will be nowhere but up.


Every time I finish writing a book, it would feel as if I had just crossed a giant desert, with the lonely and empty feeling of a completely solitary traveler. Nevertheless, once the desert is crossed, what awaits ahead will be an oasis.


Wasting time stumbling and suffering, because of one’s desire to do the undoable and tread the untreadable. Within a flash of a moment, having stumbled many times, one finally realizes that it is most difficult to become enlightened to the meaning of ignorance.

Amidst the hazy rain, where can the lone traveler go, on this shore and the other shore? Only siding with Princess Miao Shan, one of pervading compassion─how many innumerable kalpas of cultivation did she take to finally nurture the fruit of longevity and tree of Bodhi?

Truly awkward it is for an ordinary human, a commoner like me to be called “an ageless man.” Suddenly, there is no place to settle my heart.

Alas! Dangerous the torrential waves are. Far away the evil sea is. Only the ferry of compassion can help me cross it.

── from Eryue He Yu (Sayings by Eryue He) and others