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by Chi Chun (1917 - 2006)
English translation: Zhi Yue

What is love and hate in this world? Mother had passed away many years ago, and my maternal aunt was also approaching old age, she would eventually head for the same unknown destination Her days now were lonelier than anyone else’s.

I looked at her helplessly, remembering her beautiful hair-crossed knot. “Let me help you comb a new hairstyle,” I said.

She replied with a sad smile, “Why would I want such fashionable hairstyle? It’s what you young people do.”

Will I be forever young? It has been ten years since she had spoken these words. Youth is no longer at my side. And I am no longer concerned by love, hate, desire, and ignorance. The day Mother left me is but a distant past. My aunt’s ashes have also been registered in the same lonely monastery.

After all, what is permanent in this world? And what is there to take so seriously?

── from Hong Sha Deng (The Lamp with a Red Shade)