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by Yongming Yanshou (904 - 975, Song Dynasty)
English translation: Miao Guang

Genuine cypresses make the best ground to gather thick snow,

Withering flowers are vulnerable to even the thinnest frost.

An endless array of places, yet none are my refuge,

Not until the lifting of a footstep, for one to realize spiritual practice can be done everywhere.

English translation: Zhi Yue

Those who practice both Chan and Pure Land,
are like tigers with horns;

They become teachers to others in this lifetime,
and become buddhas or patriarchs in future lives.

Those who do not practice Chan, but practice Pure Land,
all will go to the Pure Land;

If they’ve seen Amitabha Buddha,
why worry about not attaining enlightenment?

Those who practice Chan, but do not practice Pure Land,
nine out of ten will be led astray;

When the negative realms manifest,
they may swiftly follow it.

Those who do not practice Chan nor the Pure Land,
will be met with iron beds and bronze columns;

For ten thousand kalpas and a thousand lifetimes,
they will have no one to rely on.

── from from Lianxiu Bidu (Essential Readings for Pure Land Practitioners)