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by Ruan Ji (210 - 263, Three Kingdoms Period)
English translation: Miao Guang

Such fervent warriors,
  their mighty ambitions to rule the world;

Riding into the distance on expeditions,
  forgetting the self over their mandates.

Powerful wuhao bows in their hands,
  shining light gleaming from their armors;

Ready to give their lives in the face of danger,
  their bodies die, souls shattering into flying dust.

How can one think of his own safety
  when under orders to battle on the field?

Loyalty is an eternal honor,
  righteousness shall give a glorious name.

Leave your name in history,
  to ensure that integrity prevails.

── from Hanwei Liuchao Baisan Jiaji (Anthology of 103 Writers through the Han, Wei, and Six Dynasties)Diaries)