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by Anonymous
English translation: Miao Guang

On this tiresome journey of life, live for those who are fond of you. Do not lose happiness over those who do not take a liking to you, and then forget how to be happy when you are with those who do.

What cannot be forced to happen are what should not be pursued. When you are tired of all the chasing, perhaps others involved are also feeling the same way. If you stop and let go, you will finally realize that the sky is not going to collapse, and that all along, everyone in this world is in the embrace of auspicious clouds.

Every human being is struggling to survive in this mundane cesspool; while some are born to love you, some are here to teach you a lesson. What you have been working hard to maintain may not be of concern to someone else; what you bear a bitter hatred for could be a regular part of someone else’s life. You either desperately beg for what you like, or struggle to get rid of what you dislike. Nevertheless, such is life; while there is warmth that can melt your heart, there is also the bitter cold that can chill your bones. All of these can enrich your life and make it even more bountiful and complete.

In the vastness of life, there will always be one or more auspicious clouds that are willing to embrace you. Instead of struggling around those whom you dislike or those who dislike you, take a stroll beneath these auspicious clouds. In this world, you do not need many things that are pleasant to your mind or ears; one cloud is simply enough.

──from Yao Wei Xihuan Ziji De Ren Huozhe (Live for Those Who Like You)