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by Fu Dashi (497 - 569, Southern Liang Dynasty)
English translation: Miao Guang

Contemplate the mind, the king of emptiness; it is subtle and obscure, shapeless and formless, and has wondrous powers. It is able to eradicate countless calamities and to accomplish all merits. It can cause one’s body to do either evil or good. Thus, it is advised to guard and prevent oneself from the instantaneous creation of karmas, which casts one back to the sea of suffering. A pure mind is like gold in this world; the treasure of prajna wisdom is found entirely within the body and mind.

── from Shanhui Dashi Yulu (Records of Great Master Shanhui)

by Pangyun ( ? - 808, Tang Dynasty)
English translation: John Balcom

All sentient beings gather from the ten directions,
Each to study the unconditioned.
This is the place to choose Buddhahood;
Empty the mind and return successfully.

── from Yuanwu Foguo Chanshi Yulu (Records of Chan Master Yuanwu Foguo)

English translation: Miao Guang

If the phenomenal world has never crossed one’s mind,
what does it matter if one is
constantly being surrounded by its objects?
An iron ox does not fear a roaring lion;
it is just as flowers and birds in the eyes of a wooden man.
Intrinsically, the wooden man has an insentient nature,
while flowers and birds are never frightened by humans.
Similarly, the mind is just in such a state; why worry about failure to attain enlightenment?

── from Dahui Pujue Chanshi Yulu (Records of Chan Master Dahui Pujue)