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by Bing Xin (1900 - 1999)
English translation: Miao Guang and Sasha Lyapina


Honor? It is a temporary glory, an eternal burden.


Truth lies in the silence of a baby, not in the eloquent debate of smart minds.


May there be enough cloudiness in life to create that beautiful sunset before your eyes.


The greater the spray of sea waves, the greater the joy of the bedrock that sits in the stillness of sustained silence.


As long as a man ardently loves his ancestral land, has a patriotic heart which enables him to resolve any concern, he is able to endure any suffering or injustice.


Destiny is like the sea breeze─blowing, it drifts the boat of youth across that tortuous path of the ocean of time.

O young ones, a description of your stroke is precious, the book of time has flipped open its pages, please, pick a pen.

O young ones! For your future memories,deliberately sketch that picture of yours in the present.


O flower sitting in the corner, your world shrinks the moment you indulge in self-admiration.

O flowers in cultivation, you have bloomed over the moments of quietude; the fruits of success are about to ripen in the light.

O flowers of success, people are only envious of her splendor in bloom! Yet her sprout, that spring of tears at times of struggle, bathe in the bloody rains of sacrifice.

── from Fanxing (Starry Sky) and others