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Translated into Chinese by Narendrayasas (490 - 589, Sui Dynasty)
English translation: You Zai

Endurance is the world’s greatest power,
Endurance is the path of bliss,
Endurance is to part from solitude,
It is something which sages take delight in.
Endurance can manifest as sentient beings,
Endurance can act as our family and friends,
Endurance can enhance one’s name and reputation,
Endurance is loved by humanity.
Endurance makes one wealthy and carefree,
Endurance makes one upright,
Endurance makes one mighty,
Endurance illuminates humanity.
Endurance brings all kinds of happiness,
Endurance makes one skillful.
Endurance is strength that subdues resentment,
Endurance enables the elimination of worries and troubles.
With endurance, one obtains a good appearance,
With endurance, one will have a good family,
With endurance, one receives wholesome retributions,
With endurance, one will be reborn in wholesome realms.
Endurance brings optimism,
Endurance brings beauty,
Endurance ceases all sufferings,
Endurance brings longevity.
With endurance, one can cease all resentments,
With endurance, one will not harm sentient beings,
With endurance, one can stay away from theft.
With endurance, one can relinquish sexual desires.
With endurance, one can put an end to lying,
slander, flattery, and insult.
With endurance, one can be freed from greed and anger.
With endurance, one can be free from erroneous views.
The strength of endurance complements
the perfections of generosity, morality,
diligence, meditation, and prajna wisdom,
thus completing the Six Perfections.

── from Mahavaipulya Mahasamnipata Sutra (Great Collection Sutra)