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by Shi Tianji (Approx. 1659 - ? , Qing Dynasty)
English translation: Miao Guang and Zhi Yue

Don’t worry, don’t worry,
Troubled minds will age faster.
How can everything be perfect in this world?
Sadly, the foolish never stop worrying.
Be it the rich or aristocratic,
Each year many are buried beneath wild grass.
Forgetting to enjoy happiness;
Why does one only look for troubles?
Don’t worry, don’t worry,
Even the moon cannot always be full.
To please one’s parents by living under the same roof,
The entire family, old and young, are all well.
To have ragged clothes and enough to eat,
Where can one find such happiness?
Riches and honor, glory and splendor,
These are nothing but troubles.


With books, one becomes truly wealthy,
Being carefree, one is a little celestial being.
Any time is a good time,
Any place is a good place.
Cultivate the mind’s earth,
Conserve our nature’s heaven.
Emotions and sentiments are like illusory dreams,
Mundane matters are but cloud and mist.
Free and unrestrained because one is content,
Tolerant and fair because one follow conditions.
With this inscription, I pour out my heart,
May your fortunes grow, and your life prolong.

── from Chuanjiabao Quanji (Complete Family Heirloom Collection)