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by Yan Fu (1854 - 1921, Qing Dynasty)
English translation: Miao Guang

Should you wish to enter my door, you must put your hand on your heart, and carefully examine the record of your entire life’s unwholesome conducts.

Say not that the gods are far away; you can be as treacherous and wicked as you can, but you will never deceive heaven.

── from Yan Fu Ji(Collection of Works by Yan Fu)and others


You must know that the Middle Kingdom will never fall; existing policies may be compromised, but never betrayed.

You must love life, and regard good health as the most important matter.

You must be diligent in your endeavors, because once time and opportunities pass you by, they will never come back.

You must be diligent in deliberation, as it will enhance your ability to think analytically.

You must learn and acquire knowledge, as you need to know that it is not easy to achieve a perfect outcome in your roles.

Under the circumstances where you find yourself in opposition against the congregation, you must be reminded that the self comes second to them; and more importantly, you must not commit evil.


The fate of a nation depends on three conditions:
First, power in the form of physical strength,
Second, power in the form of intelligence,
Third, power in the form of virtue and benevolence.

── from Yan Fu Ji (Collection of Works by Yan Fu) and others