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by Su Shi (1036 - 1101, Song Dynasty)
English translation: Miao Guang

On March 7th, rain fell as we headed toward Shahu. Rain gear already taken away, the travelers fell in predicament. I alone, was nonchalant. Now that the weather has cleared up, I hereby write the following lyrics:

Listen not to the wind piercing through,
or the pitter-patter on leaves,
Why not just sing loudly and
casually stroll along the way?

A bamboo cane and straw sandals easily beats a horse,
Who’s afraid?
A coir cape suffices me to see a lifetime’s misty rain.

The chilly spring breeze sobers me up,
A bit cold,
I am greeted by the setting sun at the peak's top.

Looking back to the bleak place from where I came,
The sky was never stormy, and never fine.

── from Dongpo Ci (Poetry of Su Shi)

English translation: Miao Guang
Do you also know about the water and the moon? Water continues to flow away, yet in essence it has never departed. The moon continues to wax and wane, yet the sphere never actually decreases or increases.

Viewing from the perspective of change, heaven and earth have never stopped changing even for a moment; from the perspective of the unchanging, all matters and the self are infinite. As such, what is there to be envious of?

Furthermore, everything between heaven and earth each has its rightful owner. What does not belong to you, must not be taken, even in the smallest part. Only the fresh breeze atop the river, the bright moon between the mountains, what is heard by the ear as sound, and seen by the eyes as form, are those which you can acquire at liberty and use without limit. Such is the inexhaustible treasure of the universe which both you and I enjoy.

── from Jingjin Dongpo Wenji Shi Lue (Anthology of Imperial Memorials by Dongpo in Summary)