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by Zhang Yin (1637 - 1708, Qing Dynasty)
English translation: Miao Guang

The heavenly law works in a way that arrogance brings harm, while modesty attracts benefits. The spirits and deities follow these rules, creating losses for those who are complacent, and supplementing those who are modest.

Since ancient times, there have been well-known sayings that tolerance and concession can eradicate endless calamities, but never anything about tolerance and concession resulting in calamities.

The practice of tolerance and concession begins with small things; likewise, those in prison also began with small things. Amongst worldly affairs, when one has the capacity to endure minor mistreatments, they will be less likely to encounter serious ones. When one has the capacity to take in minor disadvantages, they will be less likely to encounter major ones.

── from Zhang Wenrui Ji (Collected Works by Zhang Wenrui)
by Han Enrong (1901 - 1995)

English translation: Miao Guang

Heaven does not fear villains, only humans do.
Heaven does not deceive kind hearts, only humans do.

Unseen virtue certainly exists in those as far as your descendants and as close as yourself.

Guard your mouth against gossip about others.
Since when have you advertised your own faults?
You have no right to resent any complications
of the troubles you have caused,
Nor the right to get angry when people you have harmed harm you in return.

Deceiving others shall exhaust your entire life’s blessings,
Falling short of heaven’s teachings will cause an entire lifetime of poverty.

── from Zhenyan Jicheng (Collection of Admonishments)