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by Yuanzhen (Years unknown, Tang Dynasty)
English translation: Miao Guang

Only you would know the genuineness of your conducts,
Who else decides the causes of fortune and misfortune?
Karmic retributions, good or bad, are only eventual,
Sooner or later? It is the only matter of difference.

During spare times, reflect on your life’s doings,
Meditate and contemplate on your daily conduct,
Constantly set your mind on what is righteous,
Naturally, heaven and earth will never betray you.

── from Yuzhu Yuexin Ji (Imperial Collection of Works to Please the Mind)

by Wu Cheng (1249 - 1333, Yuan Dynasty)
English translation: John Balcom

The benevolent enjoy long life. All things created by heaven and earth have the mind of benevolence. Heaven and earth have the greatest longevity. The benevolence of the sage is like heaven and earth, so the life of the sage is the longest.

Possessing complete virtue is naturally not easy. Consider the three hundred forms of etiquette, or the three thousand dignified manners, not one among them lacks benevolence.

Practicing just one could be called benevolence, and allows one to enjoy a long life. Adhering to this, I often observe all walks of life in the world. He who is gentle, kind, tolerant, honest, or sincere will enjoy a long life, for gentleness, kindness, tolerance, honesty, and sincerity are each a part of benevolence.

── from Jin Zhi Yuan Wu Wen Zhengji (Collection of Literature from Jin to Yuan Dynasty)