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by Budai ( ? - 917, Tang Dynasty)
English translation: Miao Guang and You Zai

With my hands, I plant a field full of rice seedlings,
As I lower my head, I discover a sky in the water;
To purify the six sensory roots is truly the Way,
A step backward is actually a step foward.

All these right-wrong and love-hate dilemmas,
To think of it carefully, what can they do to me?
In order to broaden the mind, patience is a must,
Open up the heart, and just let it be.

Shall a soul-mate be discovered,
one should nevertheless never be out of line;
Even if a foe is encountered,
one should somehow aim to co-exist in peace.

Should these troubles be resolved,
The Six Perfections will eventually be realized.

I have a cloth bag that is void and empty of worries,
It opens in all directions and closes with perfect ease;
With an alms bowl I eat from a thousand households,
All by myself, I travel across ten thousand miles;
Having encountered too few clear minds out there,
I turn to the white clouds high above for directions.

── from Dingying Dashi Budai Heshang Zhuan (Master Ding Ying’s Biography of Master Budai)