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by Hu Shih (1891 - 1962)
English translation: Miao Guang and Rosalyna Huang

Life on its own does not mean anything─it takes on any meaning that you decide to give it. Instead of spending all day contemplating the meaning of life, we may as well attempt to do something that gives it one.

Be bold when making a case and cautious in seeking evidence; be earnest with all matters, and solemn in your conduct.

We must be firm, believing that today’s failure is yesterday’s lack of hard work. We must be firm, believing that today’s hard work will surely lead to tomorrow’s great success.

O friends! The moments when you feel the most sadness and disappointed are the times when you most need a courageous, and strong faith. Firmly believe that no hard work ever goes wasted in this world. I do not need to be the one to succeed─no effort will be in vain.

Every part of yesterday makes up what I am today; do not think too far ahead or grieve. From now on, I shall reap as I sow.

── from Hushi Quanji (Complete Works of Hu Shih)