. 佛光緣美術館西來分館線上首展 「尤尉州-歡喜羅漢茶禪一味藝術展」:藝術家尤尉州介紹


Beautiful Life Television (BLTV) Interview: Artist Yu Wei Chou






從小在彰化媽祖廟、龍山寺附近奔跑玩耍,那段純樸而美麗的生活,對尤尉州之後的創作造成很深的影響,在他的許多創作中,都充滿著這段純真記憶,本身也是學佛之人的尤尉州,總能創作出如同春天朝陽的作品,和煦又溫暖;此次展覽可以看見許多茶器,羅漢與茶器等同茶禪一味。原來尤老師從高中時就愛上茶,他說生命裡有了茶,就漸漸走進禪的世界裡。喝茶不只解口渴,更解心靈之渴,也是陪尤老師創作最佳的無語良師,像個加油站或是紓壓調理站般的存在。 尤尉州目前為龍陶藝術工作坊的負責人,在桃園地區帶領莘莘学子體會陶藝創作之美,用能夠千變萬化的陶土,薰陶這塊充滿文化氣息的寶地,在每個孩子的心中,都種下一顆愛與美的種子。

Yu Wei Chou

Introduction of Artist

Long Tao Art Workshop

Yu Wei Chou was born in Lukang, Changhua, Taiwan, and now lives in Longtan, Taoyuan, Taiwan.

The course of Wei Chou’s creation can be divided into three main phases. The first phase is a rural series which represents the memory of his childhood. Wei Chou’s parents owned a furniture factory, where it was filled with woody fragrances and carving sounds. Wei Chou reminisces this phase of his creation. The second phase is his path of learning. After graduating from Mingdao Middle School with a major in arts, Wei Chou went to Taichung to learn how to make Buddha’s statues from his teacher, Mr. Huang Yingpu. During his apprenticeship, he accumulated his learnings step by step and created many arhats (luo han) expressing emotions of happiness, anger, sorrow, joy, sadness, grief, and distress which reflect the various states of life. In the third phase, he began to enter the art of living and expanded ceramics into daily life, such as tea sets, flower vases, and ceramic ornaments, to today's impressive and inexplicable ceramic creation.

Yu Wei Chou was selected in many major awards, such as the First Taipei Ceramic Award, the 15th Asia Craft Award, the 25th Japanese Craft Award, the 8th Dream of Craft Competition Award and the 5th Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition. He is extremely knowledgeable in the ceramics and the relief sculpture and has written “The Shape and Shadow of the Relief Sculpture in the Torrent of History” and “Wellness Tea Calms the Mind: Appreciation of the Historical Tea Bowls.” The number of exhibitions by Wei Chou is quite impressive, with exhibition footprints all over Taiwan. In August 2015, "Where Life Comes From — Yu Wei Chou’s Solo Exhibition of Pottery Sculpture" was exhibited at the Yingge Ceramic Museum. The planning took three years and exhibited more than 40 artworks focusing on women as the theme, such as female adolescence, pregnancy, slimness, plumpness, aging and other postures. All were included in this exhibition. The response was overwhelmingly positive and received unanimous praise from all walks of life. At the same time, he taught in prison for an extensive period of time by sharing the sculpture techniques with the inmate-students.

Yu Wei Chou grew up around the Mazu Temple and Longshan Temple in Changhua. That simple and beautiful childhood has had a profound impact on Wei Chou’s creative works later in his life. Many of his creations are full of this innocent memory. He is also a Buddhist scholar. He has always been able to create works that look like the morning sun in spring, which is gentle and warm. In this exhibition, there are many tea wares. Arhats (luohans) and tea wares are equivalent to “tea chan in one flavor.” As it turned out, Master Yu fell in love with tea ever since high school. He said that with tea in his life, he gradually entered the world of Chan. Drinking tea not only relieves the thirst, but it also relieves the thirst of a soul. This is what has accompanied Master Yu during his creation, the best non-verbal mentor. It is like a spiritual gas station or a stress relief station. Yu Wei Chou is currently the person-in-charge of the Long Tao Art Workshop. He leads students in Taoyuan to experience the beauty of pottery creation. He uses the ever-changing clay to augment this culturally rich treasury land. In every child’s heart, he plants a seed of love and beauty.